Covid-19 – Days 102 & 103 Isolation

Good evening all,

Day 102:

Came home after my three-night shift of caring for my relative. Walked down to Aldi in Hounslow to get my shopping for the week. Spent lots of time working on my book marketing this afternoon.

In 2015 I made friends with a group of fellow authors and was included in a private group where our friendship has flourished and we’ve got to know each other well. Tanya Jones-Thibodeau lives in Canada, Victoria Eveleigh is a Welsh woman living in France and Ellen Crookes is a Yorkshire lass living in Newcastle. Ellie and I have met and stayed at each other’s houses but we haven’t met the others. We were all excited last year when Tanya announced that she would be coming to Europe in 2020 for work and was looking to extend to do a tour and would like to bring her daughter. We made plans – big plans. Tanya was going to visit Victoria and I and then we were all going to meet up at Ellie’s house. But, as we all know 2020 is the year that wasn’t to be. Last week Tanya suggested we do a Zoom meeting, we’d only ever talked on chat and group, and heard each other’s voices through FB lives. We met up online with a glass or two in our hands and proceeded to chat for three hours and twenty minutes. Will definitely be doing that again.

Day 103:

Tired this morning, despite a good sleep.

The day has been spent marketing and working on my Amazon Central page. I also set up a presence on the French and German sites. It’s been a productive morning. This afternoon I concentrated on the edits for Illicit Love. It’s been good to get back into this story again.

I also emailed my cover designer to see if she can create a cover for a boxset, plan on dividing The Children from the Streets into two boxers. Lots to get done and back to work on Wednesday. Eek!

Stay safe.

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