Covid-19 – Day 99 Isolation

Good evening all,

Food shopping in Tescos for my parents and friend Emma’s dad, I’ve given up on people understanding how to follow the arrows in there.

My next two days I’ll be caring for my relative again.

Went for a walk to Lammas park this evening which was nice, although rather busy. There seemed to be a birthday party with about fifteen young children. Glad to see social distancing rules in action – oh sorry was that a hint of sarcasm!

I spent the spare time I had today reading through Illicit Love and doing this current round of edits.

Last night I told you about my target for page reads from KU, so so far I’ve reached 538/10000. Not a shabby start.

I also decided to set up another Facebook Ad for A Boy from the Streets, since I’ve uploaded the new version. Although, as I’m typing this maybe I should have waited until the print version has been uploaded. Oh well, hopefully it won’t matter.

Stay safe.

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