Covid-19 – Day 98 Isolation

Good evening all,

Had my work Zoom meeting this morning and still no clear idea of when I’ll be back to work as yet.

Finished the final read through of A Boy from the Streets and have uploaded the Kindle copy onto my Amazon dashboard and most of the print copy after removing the old one. I’ve emailed my cover designer to get the print cover so will finish that set up as soon as I have that back. I feel as though it has been a long journey to make the positive changes to the book which I am happy with.

I managed to smash my target of 8000 page reads for my books on Kindle Unlimited, coming in just over 8200 pages. This is the best I’ve ever achieved and have now set my target for July of 10,000 page reads. As of 20:23 I have 151 pages read already. It’s heartening to see people reading the other books in the series after reading A Boy from the Streets.

Went for a walk today, not going to reach the 15,000 today but happy with 10,000.

Now I need to get back to editing Illicit Love and finish writing the lead magnet on Carolina’s story (character from A Boy from the Streets) as well as re edits and formatting on all the other books so I can ensure they are all in the same format and add the new covers.

Busy, busy, busy.

Stay safe.

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