Covid-19 – Day 55 Isolation

Good evening all,

Great news! My furlough has been extended until the end of June, barring the company needing me back. So I can relax and crack on with another six weeks of writing etc…

So, today went and picked up my bike from my mechanic and the price was less than I’d expected but mainly because he didn’t charge me for more than 2 hours of work and it was clear he’d done significantly more than that. On the way home I dropped my parent’s clean washing off and then went to do my food shopping. Don’t get me started on the lack of social distancing!

When I got home I had a lovely surprise on my doorstep, a bouquet of flowers from my friend Emma and her brothers for doing the shopping for their Dad.

This afternoon I settled down to read more of Hunter’s Moon and spent a number of hours chatting on the phone. Where has the day gone?

Stay safe.

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