Covid-19 – Day 48 Isolation

Hello all,

Spent most of the day working on my blurb after reading Bryan Cohen’s book How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis and posted it onto one of his groups. Feedback from one person recommended a couple of changes but someone else said they liked it all. Let me know what you think?

A heartbreaking discovery. A twelve-year-old boy is desperate to survive. Family secrets which could destroy them all.

Pedro dreams of being more than an orphan on the streets of Brasil, but there are few opportunities for a boy forced to beg and steal for a living. Staying alive is hard enough.

Jose is a sensitive boy, cushioned from life’s hardships. After learning he was adopted and has a twin Jose runs away, hell-bent on finding him. However, the streets of Rio are not safe for a boy who’s used to luxury.

Thrown together by a twist of fate, at first, the brothers struggle to bond. When Pedro hatches a plan to return Jose to his adoptive parents, will temptation cause him to betray his twin and take that life for himself?

Jose is forced to open his eyes to the brutal life of a street urchin, but despite the horrors, he discovers acceptance and love. Can he go back to his old life, when the price to pay will be the loss of his twin?

A Boy from the Streets is the heart-breaking first novel in The Children from the Streets family saga.

If you like a gripping page-turner, with twists, turns, and realistic characters, who will tug at your heart-strings, you’ll love Maria Gibbs’ inspiring series.

Buy A Boy from the Streets today, to find out whether the boys survive the deception, betrayal, and hidden truths that haunt this family.

Thanks to Chris Witty for clarifying Boris’ waffle. I have to reiterate I think what they are doing is fundamentally wrong at this stage.

A week into my healthy eating/weight loss programme, 4lbs lost. Yay!

Not going to hit my 10,000 steps target today but I will ensure I make these up over the course of the week.

That’s me done!

Stay safe.

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