Covid-19 – Day 47 Isolation

Good evening all,

I was up until 1.30am talking to my sister as we looked through our family tree and we made a little break through as we think we found our nanna’s nan. We forwarded the details to my cousin in Australia who has spend years doing this tree and she picked it up and was able to match some DNA. Exciting discoveries. It has definitely sparked a strong idea for a book series.

Bit of housework today, bit of editing, workout done but have felt really on edge knowing today the PM will be making his speech about the lockdown. For the first time I am very disappointed in the government for their wishy washy speech. Yes I get some of the restrictions lifting will be dependent on the IF factor but the rush to get workplaces back up and running is going to cause a second spike in my opinion. There should have been a phasing back, so a clear guidance of which sectors could go back.

Stay Alert! Really Boris, come food shopping with me and you’ll see that there is very little awareness as people lean over you and rub passed you.

Anyway I’m heading out of here as I’m slightly miffed.

Over and out.

Stay safe.

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