Round-up of the Week







News from around the world

Former leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, who is wanted in Spain for sedition and rebellion has been detained in Germany. He has been living in self-imposed exile in Belgium since October 2017.

A European arrest warrant was recently reactivated against him.

News from London

A new water fountain has been installed in London’s Carnaby Street as part of a campaign to get people to ditch using single-use plastic bottles. 20 fountains will be installed along busy commuter and shopping routes in the city. The fountains are part of a £750,000 project to cut plastic waste/

My News

My new coffee table arrived this week. My living room is starting to come together. Just a few more items needed to finish it but think I need to get another wage packet or two first.

Had a fairly good week at work settled into one location for a change although that is set to change again next week.

At long last I made it to the hairdressers to get my highlights done, feeling great again.

Writing News

Sins of the Father is back from the editor and I’m 16 pages out of 123 into making the changes.




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