Returning E-Books

D.M. Miller

Some people will only read free e-books. That is certainly their prerogative, and there are so many authors willing to give their books away for free just for that off-chance to maybe gain serious readers who will go on to buy the authors’ other books. Or they hope for that big break—maybe an agent, maybe a publisher, or maybe someone connected with an agent or publisher will read the free book and fall in love with the writing. Yeah, it’s a long shot.

The truth is that many of the freebie readers aren’t willing to pay for books. Fine, if that’s how they are. Obviously, they don’t care about the time and effort that went into writing the book and don’t feel the author deserves to be paid for hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work.

But the worst is when people want to cheat the system. The worst…

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