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Gentle-spirited People

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This month’s blog is going to take a quick look at those people who have an inner beauty or gentleness of spirit. It is a rare quality and when you find someone with this trait they should be appreciated and cherished.

Other people will often view these folk as weak and are quick to take advantage of their good nature but the opposite is often the case. They have an underlying inner strength which they are either unaware of or choose not to shout out to the world. They are not boastful and in their gentle, consistent manner they go about their business. Yet when they need to they display strength and courage that should be appreciated and respected, when the chips are down and you need support it is these people who are often the first to offer it. Perceptive people will recognise their qualities but others will try to bulldoze them. I chose this subject today because I have such a character in my book “A Boy from the Streets.”

This journal is the property of Daniel Cortez latterly known as DC. I declare myself to be of sound mind and body, though many on the streets may not concur.-3

Christina is a loving Wife and Mother who allows her dominant husband to have his own way mainly because it is easier to do so, not because she is in fear of him because despite his disposition his bark is worse than his bite. She does it to please the man she loves. The one biggest regret she has is that she didn’t assert herself when her husband makes her choose between twin babies despite her protestations that she can look after both. She has lived with this regret her whole life and when the time comes to make amends twelves years later she shows her assertive side and her strength shines forth. Over the years she makes many more decisions in a more self-assured way which doesn’t deter from her beautiful spirit.

If you want to learn more about Christina you can do so here:

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Remember everyone is different and your perception of them is often based on your life experiences which colours your view. As always be nice you don’t know their journey in life.


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