My review of Retail Therapy – Colette Kebell


This is a lovely, easy to read book which I devoured in almost one sitting. I loved the premise of the story, the overall flow of the story.

The characters from the start were likeable and believable. The friendship between Gigi & Ritchie is lovely “He’s also my sponsor. I’m on the path to recovery from spending too much on clothes.”

This book contains humour sprinkled throughout the book.

My only quibbles would be that the ending seemed rushed and I felt as though more development was needed around the character Johnny to justify what happened.  That was the only thing stopping me from giving this book 5 stars.

I am looking forward to moving onto Miss Kebell’s next book which luckily for me has already been written so I don’t have to wait long. I just need to remove a few from my TBR list already on my kindle.

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