Pay it forward for authors – revised

I have been playing around with the idea of authors helping each other ever since I embarked on my second full-time job at the beginning of January. Self-published author with no contacts, no experience in marketing, in fact, no one but myself to do everything that needs doing.
I have had some advice from some kind, helpful authors who have already trodden the well-worn path. I have joined many groups on Facebook and Google+ some of which I have enjoyed being part of or reading comments on even though pressed for time. There are wonderful review groups, groups to chat about what you have read and all things book. On some of these groups, you can’t share links to your work, or you can occasionally share and understandably so. These groups are about so much more. Are we really trying to sell to each other though? Is another author our main target audience? Yes, of course, authors read, it is part of the job description but do they want to be inundated with links to other authors books?
I have approached reviewers, some of whom have kindly left me a review; some haven’t responded as they have a backload of requests. Some have put me on their lists and for all of those I am grateful. Despite the many hours spent finding reviewers, doing the social media rounds and trying to come up with visually pleasing boards to advertise my books I am still struggling to get noticed. Of course, it is only early days, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to make my fortune but I do need to do something. I need to engage my creativity to find a solution for the struggle to spread the word, not only for me but other authors too.
I had an idea before of authors buying and reviewing each other’s work (not new or original, not claiming to have come up with a revolutionary concept) on a scale that they find acceptable. But it would seem that this isn’t necessarily the way forward. It is hard to be critical of another’s work, and some authors don’t reciprocate.
So I have adapted the idea somewhat and have set up a Facebook group. The idea is that you post a link to your book(s) and then share someone else’s link on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media that you wish to use. The one you choose may not be a genre that you read personally. You have a wide range of friends, who will have varying tastes in books. They may enjoy having access to books that otherwise may not be brought to their attention, especially those of a self-published, indie author.
I don’t suggest you share every link by every author; you will lose Facebook friends rapidly if you do that. Just as you share theirs, they will share yours. The novel, short story, novella that you poured your heart and soul into will have the opportunity to reach a wider following.
Come and join us, help the little group grow and hopefully take your writing to a whole new audience.


9 thoughts on “Pay it forward for authors – revised”

  1. Interesting post, Maria – and a good idea. Like your realistic appreciation that we can’t always bombard friends with links too.


      1. I hope you don’t mind but I sent some of my USA Author friends to the site too. All new indie authors with some great ideas to bounce around ‘Pay it forward for authors’ πŸ™‚


  2. No that’s great. Worldwide coverage would be great. I also have added an author friend from the US. The more people that see this the more chance we have of sharing our work. Thank you Rose. πŸ™‚


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