Spring & writing

Spring is on the way, the daffodils and crocuses have started to spring from the dark soil reaching their petals and leaves towards the sunlight. The greyness of winter is starting to recede as the colours of spring cascade all around us like a kaleidoscope. The sun’s warm rays touch our skin as we peel back the layers of clothing that have shrouded us. As though by magic people have started to appear out on the streets, lingering to talk instead of racing back home to escape the cold. The upward tilt of lips are visible, washing is starting to appear on clothes lines, the joyful sound of children’s laughter as they’re allowed to play outside once again.

It hasn’t been a particularly harsh winter, but it is great to know that the worst of it is behind us; although we will still have some cold, some wet and some grey days ahead. The mornings and evenings are getting lighter and getting a glimpse of blue skies, and the sun makes everyone happier.

The tree outside my window is still bare and barren; the green buds haven’t started to form yet. That will be the next thing to look forward to as the abundance of leaves burst out all over the spindly branches until it is covered breaking up the drab concrete building that forms its backdrop.

It will be time soon to head out with notepad and pen, find a beautiful spot and fill the pages with words in the old-fashioned way. Instead of cooped up inside, with blanket and laptop, eyes straining from too many hours in front of the screen. There will also be fewer distractions, no temptation to flick between social media pages in between writing. So once again my writing will enter a new phase; my right hand will ache after a satisfactory writing session. I will breathe that sigh of relief in the warm, clean air smiling at the unrivalled beauty of nature. It’s funny I never get quite the same feeling after a successful writing session on the laptop as I do when I use pen and paper.

Certainly a reason to smile.

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