Self-publishing – Day 3

The First day of the new week, back to work, my current reality. Busy day at work but that didn’t stop me checking the progress of my sales chart on Amazon KDP and silently urging readers to bite…okay not so silent…I tweeted…and tweeted…re-tweeted and a bit more tweeting. No movement! I got home and logged on and was exceptionally pleased with the one person who bought a copy today. Fantastic…great and all that but my pretty line chart was showing an upward incline until today… the red line is drooping sadly near the baseline now.
So I guess my next challenge is how to change this state of affairs, how to re-erect a drooping line! So whilst working a 40 hour week, cooking, cleaning (okay not so much), writing, editing, writing this blog, ensuring I get to the gym, so my body doesn’t go into rapid decay….I now need to apply myself to learning a new skill. Argh! What have I done? I had better keep this short and sweet…will be back tomorrow as long as sanity allows. 🙂

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