Self-publishing – what happens next…

Yesterday morning I made a lifelong dream come true. I don’t have a contract from a publishing house with a big fat or even small cheque, but I am now officially a published author.

I think I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and last night checking sales… this has to stop! Once the excitement has dulled slightly I, may look once a day…yeah okay maybe twice! Seven sales yesterday and two today. I have a ranking on Amazon! I am as far removed from the top 100 as man was from the moon 100 years ago. I can’t claim to make any giant leaps for mankind, but I am exceptionally proud of my little steps.

By self-publishing, the onus is on me to promote my book to make it available to a wider audience that my Facebook and Twitter friends. This whole experience is a real learning curve, scary but thrilling at the same time.

I’ve just read my first review on Amazon…it’s quite surreal realising that my work is out there in the public domain being read, devoured, judged. I am pleased to say the reviewer, gave me five stars.

I am intrigued to know what the next step in this journey will be…

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