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Round-up of the week 21st April 2019

World news:

Map showing locations of explosions
Attacks in Sri Lanka

Eight blasts have been reported in Sri Lanka targeting churches and hotels, killing at least 207 and 450 are thought to have been hurt.
Three of the explosions were in churches during Easter Sunday services.

A national curfew has been put in place “until further notice” and social media networks have been temporarily blocked.
A foreign ministry official has said at least 27 foreign nationals are among the dead.

My cousin and her family are in Colombo at the moment, keep safe Brenda, Gary and family.

London News:

Jason Isaacs
Man convicted of murder of teenager, Jason Isaacs shown above.

Jason Isaacs, 18, was walking with friends in Northolt in November 2017 when he was targeted by four people of two mopeds. They chased him, he became separated from his friends before he was caught by this gang who proceeded to stab him several times. Jason collapsed in a garden and died three days later in hospital.

Joel Amade, also 18, of Greenford, was found guilty of Mr Isaacs’ murder in a trial at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced in May.

The family of the victim will never get Jason back but I hope the courts dole out a sentence that is fitting for the heinous crime.

My World:

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.

Ten weeks in my not-so-new job and still loving every minute of it. Something happened this week as a result of an inspection report which has made a slight difference to how someone will live and it made all the hours of hard work feel worthwhile.

Had a lovely weekend as my son Mark came home for Easter and had a lovely family day today around at my mum and dad’s house.

My Writing:

Truth & Retribution is now in the hands of my lovely editor, hoping she doesn’t hate me after reading it! I have started reading back through A Boy from the Streets to make a few minor changes and edit any mistakes that were previously missed. I have also decided to change the front and back matter and want to get it right in book 1 before moving on to book 2 and the final edits on books 3 & 4.

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Round-up​ of the week


News from around the world

A helicopter crashed in Mexico killing at least 14 including a baby, two senior officials who were on board were unharmed. The pilot lost control as it was coming into land. They had been up assessing the damage from the earthquake which occurred on Friday. The military helicopter is said to have crashed on top of several vans carrying earthquake survivors.

This is heart-rending, to live through the earthquake and be killed by the team sent out to assess the damage beggars belief.


News from London

Ride-by moped thefts on London’s main shopping streets have increased six-fold over the last two years. Oxford Street is the worst hit with 291 offences in a year.

These moped thieves aren’t just resorting to bag snatching and the like but any biker in the London area will tell you that bike theft is now off the scale. At least three people I know have had their bikes stolen in the last couple of years. The ped scum are going out tooled up so they can deal with disgruntled bike owners trying to protect their property.


My News

Another busy working week which has kept me extremely busy and terribly tired at the end of the day. This weekend I planned on finishing decorating my living room but was disrupted today when I had to take my motorbike to the garage to get my front brake fixed. I managed to squeeze in a visit to my lovely Mum and Dad and saw my brother too which is always a pleasure. I have managed to get on with some wallpapering but don’t think I’ll finish it this weekend.


Writing News

Another quiet writing week but have managed to work through a little bit more of Illicit Love and I’m quite excited about where it’s going. I’m also doing my last read through of Sins of the Father before it goes to the editor.