Covid-19 – Day 4 It’s life Jim but not as we know it!

Good evenng all,

It’s been a busy day and I’ve smashed over 16000 steps.

Got up early and rode to Kew retail park to get some new work shoes and a present for Mum for her birthday next week, 80 years young. I had two gift vouchers to use, one was given to me at Christmas and had £30.00 on it and the other was part of a birthday present from my colleagues in Surbiton and was for £15.00. Except when I got to the check-out the £15.00 had nothing on, it hadn’t been activated!

I went early enough that it wasn’t too busy, well with the exception of the food hall where the Kew M&S customers had no more concept of social distancing than the Aldi Feltham clientele!

After that I walked down to the post office to send a gift to a friend, the PO is inside a shop and the shop assistant who saw me straight away waited a full five minutes to inform me the PO was closed! Nice!

After dinner I walked down to Tesco’s to get some food items I’d need for the week, a good thirty minutes each way.

Spent this evening trying to work out how to convert my Epub version of A Boy from the Streets to a Mobi copy on Vellum. Got there eventually and was really simple.

Not much else to report.

Tired now!

Stay safe.

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