Covid-19 – Day 2 It’s life Jim but not as we know it!

Good evening all,

It’s life Jim but not as we know it! Maybe that’s not true, life seems to be exactly as it once was. The streets are crowded and Tesco have taken down their one way system and opened all the check-outs again. Covid-19 might as well not exist anymore. The threat is apparently over!

My second day at my new workplace, don’t want to over gush but so far so good. Spent a but of my lunch break working on the edits for Illicit Love and the rest talking to two of my new colleagues.

As you can see from the top paragraph I also went to Tesco’s at the end of the day to do the shopping for my parents and my friend, Emma’s, Dad.

Feeling really exhausted though. I really do need to maximise the time I do have to focus on my books in order to make my writing possible as a career.

Stay safe.

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