Covid-19 – Day 76 Isolation

Good evening all,

Walked down to Aldi in Hounslow today, at a time when people are going back to work and companies are having to measure 2m distance to keep their staff and customers safe but supermarkets seem to have given up trying. I queued to get in but then about 10 people were allowed in at once and about 15 people were clustered around the small aisle. I waited for many minutes until they had dispersed. No-one is bothered seemingly, other than me.

So a good twenty-five minute walk there and the same again back with heave shopping.

Made some peanut butter, chocolate brownies today, but cut them into smaller pieces so there were less calories.

My friend Shirley came over this afternoon, who I haven’t seen since the lockdown and went out for a walk around Hounslow Heath. It was lovely having a catch up and managed to get 19,000 steps in today.

6lbs lost, so heading in the right direction.

Stay safe.

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