Covid-19 – Day 62 Isolation

Good evening all,

I’ve been running on empty all day after a bad night’s sleep, there were police cars and a van down my road after midnight as the neighbours got into a dispute over parking. Shouting and a flashing blue light are not conducive to sleep! Thanks peeps!

Spent some more time chopping wood, nearly finished now. The bench is down to a few more planks. Looking forward to that chore being over and done with. Then to get back to the task of weeding the garden again, it’s crazy how fast it grows in my garden.

After a bad week of eating, I started once again trying to get my shit back together again. Good start but I always start well, I need to keep the momentum going.

I’ve been working through A Boy from the Streets as I plan on re-formatting and changing the print size. I also plan on a few changes on the colour of the cover.

Spent more time in the garden sunbathing and reading.

Also had a messenger catch up with my cousin Kathleen in Australia, my sister and brother about our ancestry.

Stay safe.

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