Covid-19 – Day 51 Isolation

Good evening all,

As busy day today. Headed to Tesco’s for 9am to do the food shopping for my parents and my friend’s dad. After that I rode to Hammersmith to drop my motorbike off with my mechanic as it needs a new exhaust – and a few other things! Dread to think what that particular bill we come in at. I had to go on public transport to get home as it’s way too far to walk, especially in bike kit which isn’t made for walking. The downstairs of the bus wasn’t an option as there were enough people down there, so I headed upstairs and there was only myself and one other. I have to say I couldn’t do it in rush hour. Didn’t like being on there in the first place.

This afternoon was all about editing and cutting up some more wood outside. Getting closer to finishing that now.

Half the street were out again to clap for the NHS/Keyworkers.

Stay safe.

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