Covid-19 – Day 45 Isolation

Good evening all,

This morning I went for a walk, heading into Hounslow (half hour each way) I was able to pick up some items from Asda that Mum and Dad wanted and some stuff I haven’t been able to get in other supermarkets. Then I jumped on my motorbike and delivered the food and washing to my parents. The roads were really busy, like a Sunday prior to lockdown.

I was in Asda during the two minute silence for VE Day and I stopped to bow my head in respect. Unfortunately many others didn’t stop, despite the announcement made over the tannoy.

I was fortunate enough to see the Red Arrows fly directly over me, but wasn’t quick enough to get my camera out.

The rest of my day was spent editing Illicit Love.

A bit of wood chopping, a chat with my neighbour and that’s about the sum of my day.

I’m now sitting in front of the television watching BBC celebrating VE Day. I’m truly humbled by the heroes of WWII both on the Front and at home. The Land Girls didn’t hesitate to pitch in for the war effort, they didn’t wait for nationals from other countries to do the work for them. There was a spirit and strength that we can learn from.

Stay safe.

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