Covid-19 – Day 36 Isolation

Good evening all,

Stayed in today! YAY! Started to hate going out as no-one seems to understand social distancing in my area!

I had a Zoom catch up with some of my colleagues today and then spent the rest of the day working out profit – sorry loss from my books since I published in 2015. My marketing, on the whole, seems to have been profitable, but not consistently so, however, the setup costs are only slowly being chipped away. It’s going to take a while. There is a trend for people to want free books from authors, but I can tell you now that I’m in debt and don’t currently make a profit. If all authors gave away their books, they would have to give up as no-one can afford to lose money hand over fist.

This evening I had a Zoom quiz with another group from work, I was shockingly bad 36/92! The music round always gets me, doesn’t matter if I do know the songs, I always forget the title and artist. In fairness though, I knew very little today!

That’s me done.

Stay safe.

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