Covid-19 – Day 28 Isolation

Good evening,

I’m tired today, maybe now the stress of worrying about my son has dropped from my shoulders tiredness has taken its place, or maybe the physical work as I work on the garden is taking its toll – not getting any younger 😉

Took my mum and dad their clean washing back and stopped on the way home to do my food shopping. People still do not get social distancing, but I did make sure I said something as someone leaned over me to get something from a shelf. Grrrr!

Came back and sat out in the garden editing and doing the last day of the free Amazon Ads course by Bryan Cohen. It’s been a real learning curve.

Then later on in the afternoon I continued hacking away at the honeysuckle and breaking up the wood from the broken fence.

Heading off now to enjoy my glass of wine, think it might be bed o’clock soon.

Stay safe.

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