Covid-19 – Day 20

Hello All,
Today I spent the whole day marketing, didn’t expect to say that, ever. After looking at numerous different things I was re-directed to Kindlepreneur which I found really useful and managed to make a few changes on my Amazon Ads as a result. Then I started Bryan Cohen’s 5 days Amazon Ad Profit Challenge which taught me more. I set up a new Automatic Sponsored Ads campaign as part of the first-day challenge and made further amendments. Fingers crossed this works as this could be the first small step towards actually making a profit as that my long-term goal is to make a living from writing. I was so caught up in doing this that I didn’t write/edit today, I won’t reach my step target of 10,000 steps for the day but that’s okay as it was very productive.

Settling in to watch the next episode of Our Girl.

Stay safe and I’ll be back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 – Day 20”

  1. Sounds really interesting Maria. I’ve checked a few of these places and may have a similar day tomorrow. At first my eyes popped out when I thought you had registered on a course for nearly $550 but I don’t think you did ~ did you? all the best and good luck.


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