Covid-19 – Day 18

Hello all,

I’ve had a really busy day today, housework this morning and then cutting up more wood in the garden, followed by sanding down a table. I have a table which was given to me many years ago by my mum and dad’s neighbour which I would like to paint grey to fit into my lounge. So I started the task of stripping back the thick varnish, only I discovered I had very few sandpaper sheets to use in my electric sander! Normally, not a problem – head to the shops, except I couldn’t do that, not an essential item so I’ll have to wait.

Hacked off more of the honeysuckle growing over from my neighbours garden which is breaking my fence, unfortunately I only have small secateurs so taking a long time to do but each bit removed is making it look better.

I did my weights this morning also and so far over 11,000 steps so a very physical day which should help with the weight loss. I can already feel the aching limbs despite a long soak in the bath. 5lb lost so far in two weeks.

In the afternoon I spent some time on the first round edits on Illicit Love.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but have started watching Our Girl from series one and I’m now already on series two and I’m hooked. Initially I watched because some of it is based in Afghanistan and one of my main characters in Illicit Love is a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan so figured it would be great research for padding out. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I look forward to watching it daily.

Should head off now.

Stay safe.

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