Covid-19 – Day 3 Isolation

It’s not only the third day of isolation but it’s a year’s anniversary that my friend Liam Jordan took his life after life became too much for him. Liam had a unique take on life and a fantastic sense of humour, I wish I could have seen the posts he would have put on Facebook about the madness we’re living in. Never forgotten, Liam.

Today I needed to pick up some food shopping, so I went to Tesco’s Feltham where they have introduced a limit on how many people can enter and we had to queue with two metres between us. The queue went all the way down the back of the supermarket and looped around three times, but it only took twenty-five minutes to get to the front. Some people still don’t understand social distancing, the woman behind me had her trolley turned sideways and inched closer and closer. In front of me was an elderly man with a walking stick, the security guard offered to get him to the front of the queue but he refused.

A woman with a walking stick approached the security guard and asked if there was a better time to come when the queue wasn’t so long as she had her son with a disability in the car. The security guard offered for her to go straight in but she also refused as she said that it wasn’t fair on other people and then she walked off. The women behind me decided to pass judgement on her, making comments like “Who does she think she is? What’s wrong with her? The man in front can stand in the queue so why does she think she’s something special.” Needless to say, I set them straight. It doesn’t fail to annoy me that people jump to conclusions about people and are so quick to judge. Times like this bring out the best and the worst in people.

Back home, happy to shut the door I finished the washing I had to do and was grateful to be able to hang them out in the sunshine.

I continued with my quest to get all my photos onto the portable backup device, going through memory cards and CDs. Imagine my joy when I found pictures of my visit to Paris with my mum in 2004 which I’d been looking for, for a number of years. Result!

A little bit more editing done, but not much. I did think I need to sort out some kind of routine, I’ll hopefully start from Monday.

So, we found out that our PM, Boris Johnson has been diagnosed with Covid-19, this virus likes to hit every walk of life, what with Prince Charles also being diagnosed.

I’m going to head off and see if I can do some more editing.

Stay safe. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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