Round-up of the week 3 March 2019


Following the collapse of a dam which killed 186 people in the town of Brumadinho, Brazil, the head of the mining company has resigned. Several other executives also stepped down after prosecutors recommended their dismissal.

More than a month after the accident, at least 122 people are still missing after the accident, which collected waste from an iron ore mine. This was the second disaster in the region since 2015 when a nearby dam collapsed.

Brazilian authorities have been criticised for their handling of the situation.

My thoughts:  People’s lives have been lost in a tragic accident and when this happens everything should be done to stop similar tragedies from happening again. Life is precious and yet it seems to be a concept that is seriously lacking for many authorities.


Camper van gets major transformation when Roger Reeves saw it by the side of the road he decided to rescue the “heap of wreckage”. The 78-year-old from Croydon, south London with the helo of his daughter transformed the van with 7,000 coloured bulbs.


My thoughts:
At a time when so many people are doing less as old age stalks them, this man is an inspiration as he finds something that gives him and other people pleasure.

My World:

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