Round-up of the Week







News from around the world

A Cirque du Soleil aerialist has died after falling on to the stage during a show in Florida. Yann Arnaud, was taking part in a performance involving aerial straps on Saturday when he fell. He died in hospital.

News from London

A teacher from north London has been announced as winner of a competition to find the world’s best teacher. Andria Zafirakou, has won a prize worth £720,000.

My News

My new sofa arrived on Saturday and I managed to sell my old one. My living room is all starting to come together and is a lovely relaxing environment where I can write and chill.

Writing News

My editor has informed me that the first pass on Sins of the Father will be finished by the middle of next week. #excited

Illicit Love now has over 54,000 words and is taking shape nicely.

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