Interfaith Romance: An interview with DM Miller

Simon Dillon Books

In the next in my occasional interview series, I caught up with author DM Miller, whose interfaith romance Heartseries, chiefly concerning the relationship between Muslim Abdul and Jewish Catherine, caught my interest some time ago.

The Religion of the Heart, Agony of the Heart and Secrets of the Heart are now joined by the latest entry, Holiday of the Heart, and this seemed an opportune moment in the run-up to Christmas to delve deeper into the series.

What initially inspired the Heart series?

Believe it or not, it began as a dream. I’d always been a writer, starting out with poetry, then journalism, and I even wrote a manuscript at the ripe old age of 20. But later, the writing took a backseat to real life until I had this dream, which was the catalyst to get me writing again. At the time (2011), the Arab Spring…

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