Round up of the Week

Round up of the Week


One of Fox News presenters has been suspended after he was accused of sending lewd photographs to three female co-workers. This was alleged to have taken place several years ago. An investigation is taking place but the lawyer for Eric Bolling, accused, denies these charges.

This is the third high-profile harassment case to be brought against someone from the cable news outlet recently.


London Waterloo station is undergoing major engineering works which will cost £800m, this was started on Saturday and will continue until 28 August, closing 10 platforms. This will cause major disruptions. The work is to get Waterloo ready for longer trains which will provide space for 30% extra passengers.

My World

Started this week on a high and ended it in pain with my back. As part of my full-time job, I manage a couple of rental properties and this week we had one tenant move out on Tuesday and another move in on Saturday with the offer only being made late Wednesday. Due to the tight schedule, I had to go down to the property and ensure it was suitable for the new tenant which included a quick weed of the garden. Whilst doing this my back pinged and has left me in a whole lot of pain.

My Word

Finished the edit on ‘Is this Love?’ and went back to the sequel which is over a hundred pages in and started to read through and rearrange. Writing is a continual learning curve and I am pleased when I can implement something I’ve learnt in to my books.

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