#Payit4ward 4 #authors

I have recently embarked on the journey of self-publishing with no experience in marketing or social media beyond interaction mainly on Facebook with friends, family and a myriad of acquaintances. Two weeks on and I have reached saturation point with the people who know me who will buy it to be supportive. Despite the long hours on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, my blogs on my new website and WriteHere I am watching a dribble on the sales front. I have had some helpful advice from people in the industry, and I am endeavouring to pursue these lines. It is such a frustrating experience and not one I would recommend to someone who doesn’t love writing and when I say love that is exactly what I mean. If anyone thinks it is an easy option…write a few words and make a fortune then this clearly is not for you and you will get a rude awakening.

So all of that being said I have come up with an idea that I hope may prove popular, it springs from the Pay it Forward initiative that is going around Facebook to spread happiness and goodwill.

#Payitforward 4 #authors

The idea is that you post #Payitforward 4 #authors on your timeline with a link to your story on whatever social media you choose. The first person to respond agrees to buy your book, and you will buy theirs. You both read it in a timely fashion and leave honest reviews. You leave as many reviews as you can on as many different forms of social media as you would like them to do for you. This will mean that your name and your book is being passed around to people that you may not access normally. Hopefully, you will get a good review that will tempt people to buy rather than the relentless self-promotion that people retweet, share but don’t necessarily buy.

Please let me know whether you think this is a good idea and if you would be interested. If I get some positive responses to this, I will post #Payitforward 4 #authors with a link to my short story.
You can repeat this as many times as you want to.

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