Self-publishing – The Learning Curve

My brain is buzzing…there is so much to take in. It is less than a week since I published “As Dreams Are Made On.” I have set up this website, very basic at the moment with not a huge content, but it is growing. After battering my head repeatedly against a brick wall, yesterday I worked out how to configure a part of it. It is starting to look a bit more how I wanted it to; an achievement for someone with very basic knowledge in this area. I am going to give myself a huge pat on the back! I have tripled my followers on Twitter, if I could triple my sales I would be really happy…for the time being anyway! Never satisfied for long…always reaching for that next milestone…but hey that’s what life is about, isn’t it?

Next step is to set up another Facebook account, a public one…in case I get a public and to stop my friends from un-friending me as I bombard my page with personal promotion. I may well have to be the person who invents a longer day…yeah okay maybe sleep less instead. It is incredible how much time disappears in the social network stratosphere, time that was previously wasted in watching television. Added to that though are the breakfast tweets, lunchtime tweets and blogs, evening tweets, lying in bed tweets…you get the picture?

On the upside, I feel more alive than I have in a long time…though it may all catch up with me at once. I think I will need to take a short(ish) break in the Caribbean to recover at some point. 😉

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