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My review of “A Glimpse into Darkness.” by Sherri A. Wingler

A glimpse


Having just devoured both of the current books in the Immortal Sorrows series I was excited to see more by this author. Without wanting to give anything away Fate is featured in both of the former books and A Glimpse into Darkness is a tiny prequel to them that gives her side of the story before the turmoil began.

It is only a taster and as with all of this author’s books it is exquisitely written. It could certainly have been expanded on more and maybe that is something the author will do at a later date. If you are reading this book first then think of it as a soupçon of what is to come. The next two books will blow you away.

Another 5* read.

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My 1st review of 2016: Wings of Shadow: Book 2 of the Immortal Sorrows by Sherri A. WIngler


I started this book with trepidation. I loved book one in the series, and there is always the fear that book two won’t live up to your expectations or that it will be more of the same and even though you enjoyed it before doesn’t mean you want to read the same thing over again.

Let me say my fears were groundless. This book exceeded my expectations. The author took Asher and Izzy to a whole new level. Book one introduced you to the characters while telling the story; book two took them to a place of darkness and adventures that had me on the edge of my seat.

This book showed the extremes that people will go to, to achieve their desires whether they be for good or evil.

The characters stayed consistent the whole way through so much so that I believe they really exist 😉 I never really expected to find myself with a crush on the Angel of Death but there you have it and quite possibly Grim too.

The descriptions given were phenomenal; this author has one hell of an imagination, and she also has the writing ability to back it up.

I can say that I am relieved to have finished this book because now I actually may get some sleep. On a number of occasions, I went to bed tired with every intention of reading for 10-15 minutes later only to find myself awake and engrossed over an hour later.

I am now about to start reading the short Prequel that has been released in the last week or so by the same author that explores what made Fate the way she is.

It isn’t that often that I miss characters when I finish reading a book, but I think I will this time. Please write faster, I need more.