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Round up of the week 12 May 2019


Duchess of Sussex and son's feet
The Duchess of Sussex has celebrated her first US Mother’s Day as a parent by posting a picture of her son Archie’s feet.
The SussexRoyal Instagram account shared an image of Meghan, who is American, holding her son’s heel.
In the caption, the account paid tribute to “all mothers today, past, present, mothers-to-be, and those lost but forever remembered”.
While Mother’s Day is in March in the UK, it was marked in the US on Sunday.


Talks are to be held in a bid to avert a strike by London Underground workers over the weekend of the FA Cup Final in a dispute over safety.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union are set to walk out for three days on 17 May, the day before the showpiece game at Wembley Stadium between Manchester City and Watford.

Thousands of fans would be hit by any disruption to Tube services.

The union has accused London Underground of cutting train preparations, inspections and maintenance which it says threatens safety – however London Underground denies the claims.

Talks between the two sides will be held at the conciliation service Acas on Friday.

The union is planning to hold a protest at City Hall next week urging London mayor Sadiq Khan to intervene.

The RMT said around 1,000 of its members, working on maintenance and other areas, are involved in the row.

My World:

It’s been an exhausting week, I started it with a scam email threatening to expose my so called ‘naughty’ behaviour to all my friends on social media and on email if I don’t pay money. Needless to say they didn’t get a penny, but don’t worry I can’t see you being bombarded with horrific pics of me in the altogether.
Went to see Conan Grey on Wednesday night with my nephew Joseph and became inspired to write a whole new series, fantasy. I started there and then at the gig lol.
Friday night saw me down the pub with my colleagues from work celebrating Lara’s 30th birthday. It was nice to spend time with them out of work.
The decorating of the spare room is coming along bit by bit, ceiling painted, cracks filled, carpet up.
Reading Dreams of Beautiful Whisper by Tanya Jones.

My writing:
As mentioned above, a new series has been started and set aside so I can pick it up at a later date.
Still working on the edit for Trial & Retribution.

Sunday 8pm I’m going to be doing an author date over on Facebook for the 4th Indie Lit festival. Come and say hi to me.

Have a lovely week everyone.

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Round up of the Week

Round up of the Week



A nineteen-year-old Minnesota woman has been charged over the fatal killing of her boyfriend. It was meant to be a social media stunt in an attempt to gain more followers. Pedro Ruiz held a book to his chest, thinking the bullet wouldn’t penetrate, while his girlfriend Monilisa Perez fired the shot in front of their three-year-old child and about thirty onlookers.

There are many things that can be said about this but I’m going to stick with asking this one question: How have we as a society got to the point where people think that something as extreme as this is a good way to get noticed?


Adele has cancelled her last two gigs at Wembley Stadium because of damage to her vocal chords in what she had already said could be her last tour.

My World

This Friday I attended Henley Regatta for a work’s event. It was interesting to attend especially as another experience which may help me one day in my writing but I found it on the whole to be a disappointment. You get to see about ten seconds at the most as the boats row passed, unless you are at the finish line I find it hard to see how you can get excited – but maybe that’s just me.

My Word

I have finally finished ‘Is this Love?’ and have spoken to a new editor. She has said that she will do a sample edit for me on Monday and if I am happy we can book in for 10th July. Excited and scared all at once. Sending your work to an editor is rather like letting someone root through your dirty laundry. As my usual editor is fully booked until next year I was forced to go elsewhere, so I am nervous to see if we jell.