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My review of Fifteen Minutes by Jill Cooper

An enjoyable time slip story centred around the character Lara Crane who goes back in time through an agency called rewind. She longs to meet her mum who died when she was young but things don’t work out quite as she planned. There were a few parts of this story which slightly confused me which stopped me from giving it 5 stars but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story. Fabulous cover too.
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My Review of Carousel by Chris Turnbull



This is an innocently pleasurable book which draws you in. Jonathon’s life changes dramatically after being jilted at the altar on his wedding. A gentle story which guides you along and makes you want to keep reading. Nice characterisation. As always a fantastic read from a talented writer.

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The Vintage Coat by Chris Turnbull

The Vintage Coat
I bought the paperback copy of this book as the cover attracted me and having had this author recommended to me by a friend thought I would give it a go.
This is a time slip story about a man named Joe who is in a bit of a rut in the present day and on discovering an old coat in the charity shop where he works he gets whipped back in time to 1943.  In 1943 he develops a lovely friendship and falls in love.  The characters are well written and likeable. I felt a strong sense that I was actually reading about the 40’s which had clearly been well-researched.
The authors writing style is simple and not overly showy, a pleasure to read at all times. I kept the book as my bedtime reading and each night I couldn’t wait to slip back into Joe’s world both past and present.
The end has a lovely twist that I didn’t see coming.
Can’t wait to read more by this author who has a new fan.
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Happy 1st Anniversary

Screenshot 2016-01-08 22.14.11.png

A year ago today I hit the publish button and sat back waiting with bated breath. Oh don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect the world and his sister to rush out and buy it, but I did know that I was putting myself our there. Opening myself up to criticism, allowing anyone to put their opinions of my work on the net.

It has been an interesting year, a learning curve that opened my slightly innocent eyes.

I started with a cover that I made myself using a photograph taken from my sister-in-law (with her permission of course). I have to admit I was pleased as punch with it at first. The picture is lovely but as a cover put together by me didn’t work. It said nothing about the book and what you can expect when you open the cover. Eventually, I asked for advice from fellow authors on good cover designers who were reasonably priced. I was introduced to J.C Clarke from The Graphics Shed, who designed a beautiful cover and extras.

In that year, I have made some amazing friendships with other authors and also discovered their incredible stories. Amazon would have it that it is biased because I have spoken to them on social media but any reviews I put online are honest. If I didn’t enjoy reading them, I wouldn’t leave a review it’s as simple as that.

In one year I have sold 70 copies of this book for cold hard cash, one person has picked it up and read it through Kindle Unlimited which equates to cold hard cash, and I have given away about 60 copies for free. So there are about 130 copies floating around the world from England to America, South Africa, Canada and Australia, and those are the ones I know about. So I haven’t taken the world by storm, I haven’t even given it a tiny tremble, but there are people out there who are enjoying my work. (Maybe not enjoying too but I won’t focus on them haha)

Getting people who tell you that they have enjoyed your book to take a few minutes out of their hectic schedules to leave a review is the bane of an authors’ life. Reviews generate more sales or so they say. There is a magic figure; the actual amount seems to be in doubt, that activates the Amazon algorithms which in turn makes your book a product that they will market. Some say that 50 is the magic number. What makes it harder is that each Amazon is a different marketplace, so my reviews on and those on and anywhere else don’t link up. When I leave a review for a fellow author I post it in, .com and .ca the three biggest marketplaces, I also post it in Goodreads, write a post on my website and share in on Twitter and Facebook. It makes me incredibly happy when I see a direct link between a book review I have left and a sale for that author. At the moment I get emails from Amazon recommending my books to me, I can only hope these emails go to other people too. The more review I can get the more promotion, this will generate.
So onto my reviews, some of these are duplicated by authors who do the same as I do, but most are unique reviews.

The first one is from, the one with the picture below is from Goodreads, the third is from, and the final one is from

I am inordinately pleased with these. Writing can be a lonely business but seeing the pleasure that people get from my writing gives me the strength to carry on when I feel that there isn’t a point to slogging my guts for so little return.


For the next week to celebrate the 1st year anniversary I have placed this book on sale .99c/ .99p (my take from that works out to about .37p 🙂 )

If you would like to pick up a copy:


Newly wed Matty Taylor is plagued by visions that force her to seek out a Gypsy at a local fair. Dragged violently into a frightening dream world, she is soon rescued by the mysterious Thomas Trevelyan and taken to his secluded house in the woods.

Will her husband, Donald, suspend his disbelief and wake her from her nightmare?

Can Thomas win her heart and keep her from the lure of her real life and the love of her husband?




My review of Cross Stitch- Amanda James

Cross Stitch.jpg

So this is the second book I have read by this author and it did not disappoint. This book leads on from A Stitch in Time.

We enter Sarah Yates’ world again in this book. I did wonder how this book could be different from the first one, would it be more of Sarah’s adventures which would have been fine as I thoroughly enjoyed them in the first book. Ms. James introduced an unexpected complication into this book when Sarah meets a woman in 1930’s London who makes her life and her time travelling more complex. Their destiny’s are entwined and woven beautifully together.

Another fantastic read. Hope you are writing Ms. James I want more.


My review of A Stitch in Time – Amanda James

A stitch in Time

I love a good time slip novel and this book ticks that box with spades. The author utilises an intelligent use of common saying and “stitches” them into the fabric of the book in such a way that you can believe that these were the origins for them.

This is a story of love, of past hurts, compassion and humour all rolled into one. Sarah Yates is an ordinary woman who has been been betrayed. She meets an unusual man and embarks on some scary adventures.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes this genre. I would go onto say that I would read another book by this author but I already have. The review for the sequel Cross Stitch will follow soon.