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My review of Sugar & Spice by R E Hargrave

*****Five Stars*****
Lacey is a single mum who makes a success of her life running a small bakery business and is the hub of the small town she lives in. She has a teenage daughter, Candy, and the mother/daughter bond is strong. She has a busy and fulfilling life but there’s something missing, or that is until Trent comes into her life. This is a lovely story with great characterisation. The author guides you through the book making you want to turn the next page. It has the feel-good factor which warms the heart and curls the toes.
This isn’t the first book I’ve read by R E Hargrave and it won’t be the last.

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My Review of ‘The Baby & the Bride’ by Laura Barnard


After devouring book one, I nosedived straight into this book and have to say I loved it too although it became a little samey and predictable but fun reading none the less and I’m glad I read it. The characterisations are great and I love the friendships within this book. My only real criticism though is that there were quite a few mistakes in here that were missed. It didn’t spoil it for me but did bring me out of the story a few times more than I’d have liked.

Pick up your copy here:

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My review: The Oak S. L. Dearing



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This is the first book by S L Dearing that I have reading what attracted me to it was the cover which is very striking and unusual.
This is a story about a woman, Keitha, who lives in a forest in France. Keith uses her skills of healing to help the local villagers and harness the power of nature. The characters are likeable except the “baddies”. There is an element of cliche in the stereotyping of good guy, bad guy but I don’t think it detracts from the story at all. It is after all “A Grown Up Fairy Tale.”

The story flows beautifully and the writing is often quite poetic. There are surprises in store in this book and I would recommend reading it.

I will certainly read more by this author.


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My review of: Crimson Moon: Book One of The Dark Woods by Sherri A Wingler


OMG! OMG! OMG! I am speechless and for anyone who knows me that is a rarity. This book sucked me from the first lines and held me all the way through. The pacing is perfect all the way through the book, it is steady and builds the relationship between reader and the main characters. The last 20% of the book picks up the pace while your heart pounds inside your chest and you are unable to put the book down until the conclusion. And wow what an ending. There were twists and turns which I didn’t anticipate, just as I thought I was getting where it was going it swung a loop and blew my mind away.
Ok so maybe I’m not so speechless after all. This book deserves all the accolades that can be thrown at it.

The characters are strong and believable (in an unworldly way), they’re consistent and likeable. I love the dialogue between them and more than that I can’t say without giving anything away.

This author is now one of my favourite authors. Everything I read by her is of this quality and getting stronger.

Can I respectfully ask that the author gives up her social life in order to get the next two books out quickly. I need to read them. Finishing this book has left a gaping hole.
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would.

If you have any sense whatsoever you will pick this book up and devour it.
Oh and last but not least – wow on the cover.