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Round-up of the week 9th June 2019

World News:

Boxing teaches Kenyan girls to defend themselves

In one of Nairobi’s toughest neighbourhoods, a boxing academy is helping girls and young women learn how to defend themselves.

Box Girls uses self-defence training to help women and girls feel safer and to stand up for themselves and those around them.

London News:

Balloon over London
Dozens of hot air balloons took flight over London and filled the capital’s skyline on Sunday morning.
A total of 46 balloons took off from Battersea Park and flew over some of London’s landmarks including The Shard, Canary Wharf and Greenwich.
It was all part of the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta – which has been running since 2015.
Funds raised will go to three charities – Samaritans, OnSide Youth Zones and Place2B.

My World:

Carpet is down in the spare room and I’ve begun the process of putting the room back together, can’t wait until everything is back in there and I have my home back to normal.
On another note I have started a new eating plan in an attempt to get my weight/health back on track. My friend told me about Team RH and after watching some of their videos I loved what they had to say, everything makes sense. Healthy eating and exercise. Calories and macros arranged around your height, weight and exercise level. They have a user friendly app and constant support on Facebook. Watch this space.
If you want more information, type in Team RH in google or Facebook.

My Word:
Working on book six, Return to the Streets.

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Round up of the week

Round up of the Week


Builders in the Canadian city of Quebec have unearthed a live cannonball fired by the British in 1759 when they besieged Quebec while fighting the French at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. The builders posed for photos with the 90kg shot unaware that it was still potentially explosive. Archaeologist Serge Rouleau, who examined the munition before the army noticed that it still contained a charge and said it was more of an incendiary bomb than a cannonball. A Senior munitions technician was quoted as saying, “The ball would break and the powder would ignite, setting fire to the building.

Seems as though the builders had a lucky escape.


A 31-year-old man has been stabbed to death by two attackers on a moped during an early-morning altercation in south-east London, police said.

The victim was fatally wounded during a clash in which shots were also fired in King William Walk in the centre of Greenwich

The assailants, both male, then fled the scene on the moped and emergency services arrived to find the man with stab injuries. Paramedics tried to revive the man but he was declared dead at the scene.

We seem to be seeing more crime from people on scooters/mopeds/bikes including an epidemic of bike theft with the perpetrators going out with machetes and other weapons. Every morning the first thing I do is check that my bike is where I parked it.

My world

This week my cousin’s 23-year-old daughter came from Wolverhampton to stay with me in London for a few days. Despite the big age gap, we get on incredibly well but then maybe that’s because I don’t act my age. Unfortunately, I had to work but Kat was able to go off and explore the city without me and we caught up in the evenings for pizza and prosecco.

Last week I mentioned that there was something potentially on the horizon for me which I couldn’t discuss this is still on the down low.

I’m ending the week with a family meal as we all catch up for my mum’s birthday.

My Word

I’ve been anxiously waiting while the editor slashes my book with her red pen but I should be out of my misery by the middle of next week as she returns the first edit. Or will I be in more misery lol.

I’ve been working on the spin off from ‘A Boy from the Streets’

I’ve also been thinking a bit more are a follow on from ‘As Dreams are Made on’ and after seeing a picture I wanted have had JC Clarke from The Graphics Shed design me a cover that has left me speechless. (I know right! Me speechless LOL)