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Round-up of the week 24/2/2019

Round up of the week


A forty-seven-year-old woman who was told her tissue was too similar to her husband’s had to be made allergic to his sperm in order to have a successful pregnancy.

Kathryn, a laboratory manager from Derbyshire who’d had four miscarriages turned to the help of her colleagues when normal channels came up blank. The couple was found to be tissue type matched which meant her body wasn’t seeing the sperm part of the embryo as foreign so as a result the pregnancies weren’t being nurtured.

After injecting her with her partner’s white blood cells, her body was able to recognise it as a foreign body. The couple now have a beautiful baby girl

My thoughts: After looking at many depressing news stories this week, I found this and thought I would spread this beautiful story of hope.


There was chaos on the streets of Hounslow on Thursday 21 February after a what is described as a severe accident closed off the A4 westbound road from Sutton Lane to Vicarage farm road.

My thoughts: I was told about this by a friend who’d sat in this traffic and said that everyone was executing crazy and dangerous manoeuvres in an attempt to access other routes. This kind of thing can be very frustrating for us having to deal with in our daily lives but I tried to consider how much worse it could be, there but for the grace of God and all that.


Week 2 successfully completed in my new job and still really enjoying it. To complement the fantastic training I went to the office I’ll be mainly based at and was able to start helping my new manager. The team is so supportive and I feel like—fingers crossed, touch wood and all that—I have found the place I want to be.

I woke up Saturday morning with a stinking cold/sinus infection like I didn’t have enough of those last year to last a lifetime!!!!

Every year my friend Jules and I make each other Christmas presents which could be something simple which hasn’t taken long or a long and complicated craft project—this year I’ve plumped for the complicated one and this is going to take me a long time. The supplies I needed arrived this week so I will be starting today. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about it as she might read this blog!

I got up early (ish) Sunday morning so that I could take my slot in the online book event “Our books are not free” which is the second of its kind. It’s a great event aimed at promoting the value of paying for books which as an author is something I am very passionate about. Check it out. A whole bunch of awesome authors who are not giving away the products that they’ve laboured hard on and paid much for.


I have to admit I haven’t reached my writing targets this week. Need to crack on my April deadline is fast approaching to get this book to the editor.