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A Lifetime or a Season- Teaser


My Mother had bee one of those alluring women, a flaming redhead, who had men baying at her feet like enslaved dogs. Not for her the indifference of men, she had played the game to the hilt and every man that walked out of her life was a man she had send packing.

Find out more about Athena’s journey to self-discovery as she throws aside the shackles that bind her in.

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My Review of Rainbow & Roses by Rose English


Rainbow and Roses is a collection of beautiful stories, poetry and facts that the author has gathered together through painstaking research. She explores folklore from other cultures about the symbolism of the rose. There is a charming glimpse into her life with pictures and poetry written throughout the authors life. Amongst all of those riches is the story ‘One Breath’ which I have read before and enjoyed reading again. This is a beautiful collection which exudes an old world simplicity and charm.